Gamification consulting for your online business

Maximize your ROI efforts and turn users into passionate brand advocates through gamification and loyalty



We have been able to increase conversion rates by 20% using gamification so before getting anymore traffic it’s important to optimize and have a higher ROI on your visitors


It’s 7 more efficient to retain a customer than acquire a new one. More repeat purchase, higher lifetime value!

Basket size

When users convert and return they trust the brand and are more likely to purchase bigger basket sizes and even better, tell their friends about your brand!


The Octalysis Framework is a human-centric gamification design framework that lays out the eight core drives for humans motivation developed by Yu-Kai Chou


Left Brain Core Drives are Extrinsic Motivators – you are motivated because you want to obtain something, whether it be a goal, a good, or anything you cannot obtain


Right Brain Core Drives are Intrinsic Motivators: you don’t need a goal or reward to use your creativity, hangout with friends, or feel the suspense of unpredictability – the activity itself is rewarding on its own.


Its not creating a marketing game or adding points, badges and leaderboards (PBL’s), due to it’s very short term affect

Step 01

Strategy Dashboard

  1. Business Metrics, leading to Objectives
  2. Defining user types and segments
  3. Incentives, leading to Rewards

Step 02

Battle Plan

This is where all the data collected during the strategy is put together and a clear plan is created defining the features, ranking them with their effectiveness, their ease to build and ROI

Step 03

Wireframe & Design

This is the fun part, this is where theory converts to practice as we begin to innovate and sketch a custom solution. Keeping it lean during the process of validating and approving the concept.

Success Stories

Duolingo is a freemium mobile app and online platform where you can learn different languages in a bite-sized model. It offers 30+ languages to choose from and the app has 300 million registered users.

 Duolingo’s next-day retention rate is 55 percent, a big part due to their effective use of gamification

The Sephora loyalty program boasts 17 million members in North America alone. These members are responsible for 80% of the company’s sales. Through their loyalty program, they bring customers to the Sephora website even when they aren’t shopping. Improved engagement leads to a 22% increase in cross-sell and a 13-51% increase in upsell

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